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Series 7 TV: in pre-production will return 17 January.

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38 stations Australia wide.

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Welcome to the Great Australian Doorstep!

The Great Australian Doorstep TV & Radio Shows, hosted by former AFL star Peter Spida Everitt and Kiwi wife Sheree is all about Travelling.  They explore the variety of things to do, while keeping a close eye on the budget. They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have a holiday and that every child should experience Camping. Travelling by motorhome or their new Volkswagen Amaroks with caravans in tow or fishing & 4wding with their tents in the back, they will show you just how easy and affordable it is to travel. 

From the Australian Outback to the Alaskan Wilderness to the far reaching remote villages of China, the history rich countryside of Eastern Canada and the stunning beaches & mountains of New Zealand. No where is off limits! So take a seat and get your notebook ready for a fun adventure for the whole family.

With their Television show now airing in 10 countries around the world and the Radio Show available on 38 stations Australia wide every Sunday @ 7am, you can check in with The Great Australian Doorstep no matter where you are in the world.

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